Wednesday, 19 September 2007

TRAILERZZ: OMG it's Om Shanti Om!

Om Shanti Om, baby!

Moviewalah's posted the music for Shah Rukh Khan + Farah Khan's latest venture, Om Shanti Om, a sort of 1970s revivalizin' nostalgizin' reincarnatizin' dance-a-thon, with cameos by everyone and their mother in Bollywood (except our dear Shashi, but no matter).

You must listen to the soundtrack!

Things to note regarding this upcoming film:
  • Shah Rukh Khan's enormous mutton chops. Good for chopping.
  • Shah Rukh Khan's inappropriately chiselled, possibly CGI, reminiscent of that awful 300 movie abdominal muscles.
  • A.R. Rahman backed out of composing the music when he failed to get rights to the royalties. I mean, WTF, Bollywood music companies?
  • That nonetheless the music is brash, adventurous and wonderful - combining synthesizers with kick-ass tabla with sweepingly melodramatic choral voices with (and this is the first time we at the PPCC have appreciated the sound of) ragin' electric guitars.
  • Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, nephew to the great Nusrat, features - and his voice is thankfully less shrieky than usual (sorry).
  • That, in fact, most of the Omkara playback singers feature: Rahat, Sukhwinder Singh, Shreya Ghoshal, as well as the Voice of Shah Rukh, Udit Narayan.

We at the PPCC are greatly anticipating the arrival of this film, scheduled to brighten our celluloid this coming Diwali. While we can't review films until they come out on DVD (so look for Chak De India! soon...), and hence we tend to stay silent on up-to-date theatrical releases, we simply could not let the BLING BLING of this awesome soundtrack rest un-plugged.

So, just to plug it again: Stream the soundtrack!


Beth said...

I am all kinds of excited about the movie - Main Hoon Na is my favorite Hindi film and I have very high hopes. I am not, however, excited about this new look (freaky) or his weird jeans here (I'm about to go fug the extra crotch patch).

Beth said...

PS - your title makes me want to say LOL SRKs. He can have cheezburger.