Wednesday, 19 December 2007

holiday cheer end of year round-up

Damn screen resolutions! Look, just click on the photo to see it As It Should Be Seen. Argh. My art! My aaaaart!

After a protracted dry period, in which the PPCC did not write, the PPCC has now flooded its webspace with joyous, joyous reviews and fun. Readership, you will be pleased. However, the PPCC is only briefly back, as various Committee members must accompany the Dictator on a forage into the wild, where the PPCC's zen calm will be cultivated, and gifts will be exchanged according to the Western fashion. For this reason, there will be silence until 2008. To ease the readership into this drought period, the PPCC has provided the above Andy Warholized image of Shashi Kapoor for aesthetic consolation. It will also now provide a list of Things To Do While We're Gone.

Things to Do
While the PPCC is Gone On Vacation
(Assuming you are not also on vacation)

Happy holidays, readership! We will return in 2008 with much, much text and aesthetics.


Nina said...

Five new reviews and a dance-off! It's just like Christmas.

Also, bearded!Shashi has never looked hotter than in your Warholized pictures there. Will have to make sure whatever film that's from finds its way in my Christmas stocking.

Beth said...

I'm with Nina! I officially do not like beards except on SRK in Chak De India but it seems to work for Shashi here. Who knew?

a ppcc representative said...

Nina: ooh the bearded Shashi is from Chor Sipahee, and those pictures are from the amaaazing first item number. Ugh, it's divine.

Beth: the PPCC is actually composed of a bunch of beard fetishists, so we're always happy to see some manly face hair on our attractive menfolk. That said, you can sometimes see the glue in Shashi's beard in CS - this, however, does not detract from his hotness.

Fixed the picture, the 3rd panel wasn't showing up and aarggh, the PPCC Art Minister just cannot STAND when her art is tampered with my exogenous forces!