Tuesday, 14 October 2008

The PPCC: not dead

Our usual activity.

Poor PPCC readers.

Spoiled as you were by a super-PPCC renowned for its ability to update several times a week, you now find yourselves in the desert of PPCCness. "Where the hell is the next review? We've been sitting on that Dune review for AGES!" you might cry (we hope).

Well! PPCC reader, don't be alarmed! We are here to bring you the


or, also known as, the


1. Is the PPCC dead?

No! (Huzzah!)

2. Well, where are you guys?

First, we were in the middle of nowhere. Then, our internet died. Lastly, our creativity was sapped by some of our other projects. The PPCC has promised itself that it will get paid for some of its writing. And lo! After much sweat and tears, we have succeeded in our goal! Now, the PPCC has promised itself that it will get paid again for some of its writing. And lo! The ax grinds...

What does this all mean, poor PPCC readers? It means that, when we admit defeat/get tired of our side-project, we will return with our usual active posting style. (Also, the Unspeakable has happened and we have exhausted our local Shashi supply. Time to go global! There are still over a 100 Shashis to watch!)

3. What the hell? I want movie reviews NOW.

And you're right to want that! This is a culture of NOW, and the NOW is also good for you, spiritually speaking.

So what will the PPCC do? The PPCC will guarantee that someday soon(-ish), it will deliver a few reviews.

4. Yeah, like what?

  • Roshan Seth playing Nehru (again!) in a BBC docudrama!
  • Shashi, Rekha and Pran cavorting among the palm trees of Kerala sans subtitles!
  • This freaky sci-fi miniseries where Sam Neill keeps seeing Sam Neill in the window (because he's been sucked into a whirling vortex of paradox)!
  • Jeff Buckley, in concert, in Chicago, in 1995, in amazingness glory!

5. What can I read in the meantime?

Well, don't think the PPCC is so cheap as to not have a waiting room! Firstly, you may consult our LINKS list on the right-hand side of the screen. Secondly, you can follow the PPCC steps and enrage yourself at Arts & Letters Daily (bastards! philistines!), inspire yourself at Boing Boing, entertain yourself at Strange Horizons, and purify yourself at Beliefnet (Belief-o-Matic highly recommended for much fun and jocularity!).

See you soon, faithful readers!


ajnabi said...

My soul is withering and dying in a desert of PPCC absence. Also due to the delayed gratification, which as the PPCC implied is bad for my metaphysical self. (And, paid for your writing? What fresh hell is this? *I* get paid for my writing--just not on Blogger--and it's no fun to constantly pull my hair from its roots while on deadline! ;-) )

Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

Great going ppcc- getting paid- cool!

I get paid for writing financials, which doesnt impress quite as much :( rofl

old-big-andlatelyverypoor-PPCC-fan said...

Poland misses PPCC a lot! Come back soon!

bollyviewer said...

Wow! Congrats at your likhaayi ki aamdani (earning from writings)! Is that going to be your new job and are your faithful readers to be starved of ppcc reviews in the meantime?

I tried the Belief-O-Matic and it said I was 100% "Pagan" while I was aiming for "Hindu"! :-( Guess I dont know enough about Hindu beliefs even after a lifetime in India! Will try for another religion next time.

gebruss said...

Good the hear you are well. I was starting to wonder whether something untoward had happened to you.

And getting paid for writing must be cool; well for writing things other than "could you please link this unlinked piece to the correct part record" or "could you tell me, how many pages your copy of this books has" which is what I mostly write.

Beth said...

It's kind of hard to take my Belief-O-Maic quiz fake-pretend seriously when on the side is an ad for a pill that increases libido while diminishing cellulite, as seen on Fox News. But I tried anyway, because I love quizzes. I am pleased with its findings. Fun (and surprising!) fact: I am more than 3 times as Mormon as I am Catholic (no idea how they got that - perhaps spending my formative years about 40 miles from Nauvoo?).