Wednesday, 5 November 2008


First of all:

Shout it from the rooftops!

Second of all: the new SRK movie trailer! And PRAISE WITH GREAT PRAISE Aditya Chopra is going for the best SRK avatar of all: the Nerdy Everyman SRK!

I cannot wait 'til Dec/Jan, for so many reasons.



Stella_1 said...

Yay, Obama!, yay, Sharukh Khan!

Beth said...

Stella gave me an idea: Shahrukh Khan AS Barack Obama! Can we? Yes we can!

Anyway. Agreed all around. This might be an even better geeked-out transformation than Hrithik in Koi Mil Gaya! He is totally rockin' the brainy specs and little mustache. Sigh. Lurve. How can one person be so charming in such a short trailer, all but confined to an alleyway?

eliza bennet said...

This is a great trailer and made me want to watch the film right now!

Congratulations on your new President :)

Anarchivist said...

I am in complete agreement on all points. Fortunately, Obama will take office whilst we wait for this movie to be released and come out on DVD...

ajnabi said...

I completely love the geeky shock on his face when she smacks him with the sindoor. I can't *wait* to see this one.

Filmi Girl said...

I love Nerdy Rukhy! He's not quite the physical actor that Hrithik is - that transformation in Koi Mil Gaya was something literally out of this world, but it's pretty convincing never the less. :)

December/January will bring many good things!

SpyGirl said...

Shah Rukh doesn't do a whole lot of actual dancing in this clip, but something about it makes me remember again just how good a dancer he really is. He moves differently in those clothes than someone who dresses like that would normally move.

I have just watched this trailer five times.