Saturday 26 May 2007

Rajkumar (1996)

Some films should never be seen.

Rajkumar, Prince of Thieves.

Lego Castle.

No comment.

However the doubling was very impressive. Double Naseer.

Rajkumar is one of them. Never, ever watch this film. We lasted 30 minutes before our eyes melted out.

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Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and have been enjoying myself reading some of your wonderful reviews on hindi movies!

As for Rajkumar - I have to admit that I didn't watch much of it except for some of the dance scenes (as I will watch ANYthing that has Madhuri in it) the first time around. After becoming more familiar with bollywood/hindi movies - especially the awesomeness that is Anil/Madhuri, I went back and watched this movie and have to say that if anything - watching it just for the Anil/Madhuri moments is totally worth it! From him being a peeping tom the first time he sees her in the bath, to her "angry eyes" she gives him every time (until she actually falls in love with him), to the dance sequence done to Paayal Meri Jadoo, to just the fact that we see Madhuri with GREEN eyes more than once (especially during the dance sequence to - Ankhon Ke Aage Peeche - I had to do a double take because I didn't realize it was her at first!). Oh, and the mistaken identity scene between Naseeruddin Shah (as the nerdy twin) and Anil had me rolling on the floor.

Anyway... After trolling through it for all the Anil/Madhuri bits and then going back and actually watching it completely through, I found that I enjoyed it and have watched it a couple of times since then. I saw somewhere on the web where someone described it as Flash Dance meets Robin Hood - I thought that was a pretty apt description!

Maybe one of these days you'll get bored and decide to give it another try. You might like it on the second (or third or fourth) try - if only for the Anil/Madhuri goodness that is to be found in it!

By the way - I love your blog and plan to finish reading through and commenting on your other Bollywood/Hind movie reviews. Maybe now that I've watched all but two of Madhuri's films (can't find them!) I can branch out into some of the other actor's work!