Thursday 31 July 2008

Fake trailer: Naina (1973)

Software: Windows Movie Maker
Music: La Bambola by Patty Pravo
Film: Read the PPCC review! Buy it for yourself!

The idea for this trailer came to us long ago, in the form of a bowl of cereal. We decided the best way to advertise a heart-wrencher about emotional wounds would be... well, OK, we actually wanted to use Gogol Bordello's Ultimate and go BANANAS, featuring lots of drunken lurching and yelling and DRAMA, but then Windows Movie Maker crashed. So instead we used our vanilla fallback option: faking one of those ultra-chic Italian trailers that feature only evocative Patty Pravo songs and no dialogue, where you have no idea what the movie's actually about but you still want to see it. So mysteriously glamorous! Also, dig the meta: Pravo's from Venice. Whee! (And the Gogol Bordello one might be happening anyway, just because the PPCC needs to send some love to those guys.)

In related news

Just to show the PPCC not only taketh, but it also giveth to the YouTube, we've uploaded two more songs from Naina: the very sweet one where Moushmi fantasizes about Shashi in and on top of her car and the fabulous Best Shashi Song Ever, which we hereby declare the Official PPCC Theme Song.


Beth Loves Bollywood said...

BRILLIANT. Excellent coordinating of Shashi's mouth to the song! Dreamy lovey-dovey expressions! Beautiful scenery! Heart-wrenching despair!

In short, even better than the last one!

BLB jury is duly swayed.

Anonymous said...

I really want to see this now! Your trailers are working!

Anonymous said...

Why call it a fake trailer? It is a very real one...

You are getting very professional at this - I want to watch this one after your trailer and I've already seen it!

How 'bout adding comments from your post about the movie as "critics' opinions" blurbs at the end of the trailer? Adds the last touch of authenticity!!!! ;-)

a ppcc representative said...

Beth - Thanks! And oops, that was inadvertent - Shashi Kapoor lipsynching to Patty Pravo? *world implodes*

Memsaab - Exceeellent.

Bollyviewer - Thanks! Critics' opinions - I seem to be the only one who's reviewed Naina so far, but I'm thinking of trailerfying Amar Akbar Anthony or some Parallel Cinema, just so I can quote some other blogs too.