Friday 1 August 2008

Fake trailer: Naina (1973) - full-length

Because once is never enough for laddoos, pizza, you-know-what, and fake trailers. Consider our last trailer merely a teaser, something to warm you up for the batshit intensity of Gogol Bordello-fied drama. Because what's better than a good thing? Two good things mashed together!

Software: the usual
Music: Ultimate by Gogol Bordello
Film: Read the PPCC review! Buy it for yourself! Watch the teaser!


Beth Loves Bollywood said...

Fantastic! Great slant towards the reeling drunkennes and crashing memories - so well-suited to the music! (Actually, which was first: wanting to use the music, or having the idea to focus on this type of scene and being reminded of the song?)

Long Haired Spider said...

Marvelous! Why isn't there an article in Filmfare about the P-PCC?

Anonymous said...

It's a Masterpiece.

You have found your next career.

Rum said...

This is sock-blowing off brilliance!

Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

Dang! you are SOoooo talented! Seriously, u could offer ur services to market older movies- and drum up a whole new generation of viewers. Seriously love it.

a ppcc representative said...

Beth - Thanks! Sigh, I love Gogol Bordello so much. They need more airtime... everywhere. The song came first; I listened to it on a Muxtape and thought immediately, "This would be perfect for some shots of a wasted Shashi running into walls. Ah yes, Naina!"

Long Haired Spider - WHY, INDEED!

Memsaab - Thanks! Sigh, I wish it was my career. That would be freaking cool.

Rum - Dhanyavad!

Shweta - Thanks. I have many a fantasy where someone (smoking a fat cigar, no doubt) from Eros Entertainment phones me up and goes, "Kid, we like what you got! We're sendin' ya a ticket to Mumbai, stat!" I guess he wouldn't have a New Yawker accent, but you know what I mean.

SpyGirl said...

What WAS THAT THING in the yellow cloth that she unwrapped? A dead animal?

ajnabi said...

Wow, I am so so super impressed! Obviously you have found your true calling. :-)

a ppcc representative said...

Spygirl - LOL, it also freaks me out. But worry not; just dead flowers, symbolic of their unconsummated wedding night (which she's kept in that same night's bedsheets). Juxtaposing nicely against Shashi's real flowers, which she is now choosing to ignore.

Ajnabi - Thanks! Ah, it's my dream career.