Monday 1 December 2008

Musafir (2004)

This movie was so offensively awful we threw it in the trash afterwards. It doesn't merit a review, it merits to be lost and forgotten forever.

Mo' paise, mo' problems.

Anil spends the entire film lighting cigarettes with his broken hand and drinking beer and looking really rough and sleazy. This was actually a high point. We like pulp.

We just don't like stupid, stupid, vacuous pulp.

This is the second frickin' time you've done this to us, Anil! PICK IT UP, MAN, PICK IT UP.


Filmi Girl said...

OMG! It must have been terrible! I'm burning the title in my brain so I never accidentally watch the movie. ;P

Rum said...

Ohh dear Ppcc, I really liked this movie perhaps its because Anil was waxed and shirtless, but it did also feature Aditya Pancholi who I've wondered about.

Anonymous said...

Ohh dear ppcc from me too, cause I kind of enjoyed it as well (although I wouldn't classify it as excellent by any means). For me though Sanju was the main draw.

Anonymous said...

I do like your review though :-) Doesn't it feel good to vent?

a ppcc representative said...

OK OK, so I may have gone off the rails a bit.

I actually did enjoy some things about it: the pulp noir vibe was a lot of fun, Anil, Sanjay and Sameera were lovably sleazy, it was refreshing to see some full-on snogging, and I liked the idea (let's do something really hard-core and pulpy and anti-masala). And the fact that Sanjay's character seems to be quite a fan of... Anil Kapoor movies (what with his Mogambo/Ram-Lakhan references)! So meta!

I just flipped out when I saw the umpteenth close-up of a gyrating woman's muscular thighs. I do hope they do something like this again ("they" being Anil/Sanjay/Sameera), just with a bit more thoughtfulness. This just seemed lazily vacuous, like a two-hour long gangsta rap video. We just wanted less gangsta, more Missy Elliott, if you know what I mean.