Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Rewind City (2008) + Enel spot (2007)

Nothing like starting your day blubbering over a commercial.

We at the PPCC have a long-simmering plan to review a couple commercials, and here we are! Because, gosh, you can do a lot of damage in three hours - whereas, if you can tell your story in three minutes, it's all good! Both of the ads featured today share a "oh, wonderful humanity!" vibe.

First up, thanks to Sepia Mutiny's post today on a lovely French ad filmed in India about rewinding the precious moments in our lives. It's directed Ringan Ledwidge and stars some French people and a bunch of Mumbai extras. It's sweet and lovely.

Second, a 2007 ad for Italy's energy company, Enel, starring our beloved Giancarlo Giannini. Unfortunately, this one's in Italian and relies entirely on Giancarlo's narration of three magic(al) realist fables, our favorites being the people who eat genius food and get up to spout Shakespeare, and the nerdy PhD student who chases his flying papers around town and is reintroduced to humanity and life. Ooh, Giancarlo Giannini. How we love thee, let us count the ways.


Banno said...

The French commercial is cho chweet! And you actually saw 'Bulandi'? I'd never dare to. AK has done some really male chauvinistic roles. Like 'Goonda Raja'. Now wait have I got that right? It's the Juhi Chawla one, where he rapes her, and she transforms him with her love. Yuck! Or is that 'Benaam Badshah'?

Beth Loves Bollywood said...

The French one made me cry! So cute! So interesting you bring this up, as on my Air Canada flights to and from London I saw ads shot in Mumbai - street scenes with a cop, some kids, and black and yellow cabs - with Italian opera over it! I have no idea what the ad was for - the tag line (which was the only thing in English) was something about knowing what people want. V mysterious!