Wednesday 4 February 2009

Reality implosion #3: Aneel Kaporre takes on Amreeka!

The contents of our "anil kapoor" Google alert are getting more and more surreal with each passing day.

What? Don't judge us if we have a Google alert on Mr. India. We were serious when we said we're joining his fanclub. It came with the membership.

Anyway: "A-neel Kapore" is living it up big time in Hollywood, conspicuously consuming and pimping his fly wheels, getting a full bio on CNN, dancing with that lady on the Today Show, bear-hugging Regis, having his facial hair scrutinized and his stache declared a "Yes!" from Esquire Magazine, being called the "bees knees" by New York Magazine, and achieving a weird sort of "the alt.hipsters love you in a cultish ironic way!" status on TMZ.

This is all very strange.

Let's hope Misterrr Aneel "Millin-aaaiihhrrr" Kapore can keep surfin' these waters even after the tidal wave of Slumdog settles. We don't want this to be a Benigni repeat, where Hollywood gets briefly enamored of a quirky, delightful "foreigner" and then everything fizzles out into nothing.

In the meantime: a photo!

You all know what we think of His Stacheliness.


Filmi Girl said...

You need a google alert on "Who wants to be a millon-aire?!"

Sadly, I think Anil will fade from popular cultural memory but hopefully he'll stick around long enough to give me MR. INDIA ON THE BIG SCREEN!! YES!

ajnabi said...

Er, I have Google alerts set up for a different Kapoor. I won't judge you if you promise not to judge me, P-PCC. ;-)

Anonymous said...

AHAHAHA! Did you catch Dev Patel on The Daily Show where he and Jon talked about Anil's Milliner moment? Apparently others have noticed. hee hee.

Anarchivist said...

Honestly, I'd be surprised if you DIDN'T have a Google alert on Anil.

Beth Loves Bollywood said...

And my google alert is on yet a third type of Kapoor....

I think we need a fan art post day. Everyone should make one like that!

a ppcc representative said...

Filmi Girl - I'm seriously considering getting one on "Indian Regis" since that seems to be his calling card in Hollywood. Hmm, re: Anil's longevity... the most successful Indian actors abroad, by my reckoning, were Om Puri and, to a certain extent, Roshan Seth. Om Puri specialized in a very particular brand of character - the angry, confused middle-aged British-Asian in post-colonial indie films (My Son the Fanatic, East is East) - whereas Roshan Seth's brand was more of a colonial/Orientalist hangover in those epic Raj Revival films (Passage to India, Gandhi). I envision Anil more playing sleazy "ethnic" parts in post-colonial films - a sort of sleazy Apu, for example - than fitting into any British Raj costume drama. And I only see those post-colonial films coming out of the UK - where they resonate much more - than the USA. Therefore, I think, if ANYTHING is going to come of this, it'll be Aneel Kaporre popping up in those low-budget UK films and becoming a sort of trashy version of Om Puri's character. Then again - Anil's made a career of suddenly changing tack and reinventing his image, so maybe he'll use the springboard for something absolutely insane? (Finally taking up the Wolverine role he was BORN TO DO.)

Ajnabi - Awww! Sisterhood of fangirling!

Amrita - Noooo - I love The Daily Show (of course!), this I must see. I am bewildered by how often the "millin-aaahhhirrrr" thing comes up. My family commented on it, various reviews commented on it, etc.

Anarchivist - :)

Beth - I have that one too! :) Yes to fan art, yes yes.

Filmi Girl said...

You're giving me ideas with this sleazy Apu/Wolverine talk... ;P

So, you see him in the Aishwarya roles - low-budget/indie stuff with the occasional (Pink Panther 2) big screen cameo? That wouldn't be too bad... :)

Besides, if Naseer can be in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen then Anil can do some big-budget stuff, too!