Monday 19 October 2009

All the Best: Fun Begins (2009)

Yet another Hindi comedy where the big joke is pretending Woman X is not actually Man X's, she's actually Man Y's?

Intermission walk-out. Don't waste your time.


Filmi Girl said...

I think that's unfair! All the Best: Fun Begins certainly isn't intelligent but it's not as dire as you make out... :(

The woman-swapping didn't offend me too much because Bipasha was not only clearly the one in charge but she was the most intelligent character of the bunch.

Amrita said...

AHAHAHAH!!! And this is why I went to Main Aur Mrs. Khanna instead. And got bored to half-death. Sigh.

Harsh said...

I am an ardent fan of your blog but for once, Feeling sad for you.. :-)

Banno said...

Between 'All the Best' and 'Mr. and Mrs. Khanna'???

Not much to choose. Better off home, certainly, saving that ticket money under your pillow. :-)

Temple said...

I saw Main Aurr Mrs Khanna...but in my own defense I am from Melbourne so I was interested in how the city was portrayed. There were trams and chairs and glasses and houses that provided more dramatic impact than any of the actors. Sigh. Where are the good movies? Does anyone know?

malpani.!! said...
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malpani.!! said...

All the Best was a laugh riot..
howlarious totally!..
its damn difficult to make audience laugh and it succeeds..

you cant expect a HANGOVER type intelligent situational comedy in bollywood yet..

but brainless comedy still works..!!

looks like a mixture of NO ENTRY AND WELCOME.. but still.. loved it..

prolly you should have stayed after the interval cos it gets funnier by the second..!

Anonymous said...

As screwball comedies released on the same day as Main Aurr Mrs Khanna go, All the Best is practically Citizen Effin' Kane.

It wasn't exactly the laugh riot it promised to be (Shetty's earlier Golmaal Returns certainly had a better gag rate and a screwier plot), but if you concentrate on Johnny Lever and ignore much of whatever else litters the screen, it's not half-bad.